My birthday with the best elite escorts London offers

About 2 months ago, I turned 33 years old and I spent my special day with two of the best elite escorts London offers. For about a week in advance, I kept thinking about what I wanted to do to mark the occasion. The traditional option was to party with my friends. I figured that might actually be fun. We could go out, have a few pints and, at the end of it all, I could even go home with a bird so my Johnson could have a party too.

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But I basically did the same thing for the last 8 birthdays and, at the end of 6 of them, I actually ended up going home alone. I kept thinking and thinking about what I could do. I could spend time with my parents, but I could do that around lunch time and they’d have enough of me by tea time. Then, the light bulb finally lit up and I had a glorious idea: why not spend my birthday evening with a hot escort? After all, I already knew an agency where I could find the best elite escorts London has to offer, and I even booked some of them before.

The best elite escorts London offers are great for birthdays

I called the agency and told them that it was my birthday and I was looking for a special experience but I had no ideas and asked for some suggestions. They asked my age and told me if I would enjoy an intimate gathering, consisting of me and two of the best elite escorts London has ever seen. And because it was my birthday, they’d even give me a 25% discount. I listened to their amazing offer and accepted immediately. They told me that Fabiana and Kate were available and loved going to birthday parties. I already knew Kate, but Fabiana was new to me. In conclusion, it was perfection. For my birthday, I’d get to spend time with a gorgeous girl who I knew well and who was amazing in bed, and with a new girl that I could get to know better before the evening was over. I made the booking for the entire night, then booked a room at a hotel. Finally, I called the agency back and told them the hotel and room number.

When the girls showed up, they were very discrete, just as I instructed them. My friends, even if I’d tell them not to, would always insist on screaming “happy birthday” and letting the whole world know I was a year older.

We went straight up to my room, where we had plenty of champagne and I got to know Fabiana and her gorgeous, huge breasts, very well. The girls even put on a little show and, throughout the night, we had enough fun to last me a year. I think this was the beginning of a new tradition for me: always spend my birthdays with the best elite escorts London offers.

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