One of the best elite escorts London offers helped me lose weight

I know the title of my article seems a bit ridiculous, and rather long actually, but it’s a true story. Clarissa, one of the best elite escorts London has EVER offered, actually helped me get off my behind and motivated me to lose weight. Like many others, I have always found it very easy to get fat. All I need to do is drink a couple of bottles of fizzy juice and eat before I go to sleep. I don’t even need to eat a lot. If I don’t eat anything during the day and just grab something in the evening, it doesn’t matter, I’ll still put on the weight. Other than getting fat fast, what you need to know about me is that I do love myself some elite escorts London based or not, it doesn’t matter. Wherever I may be, I like to have fun with escorts.

Meeting the best elite escorts London offers

Last summer, I started to get really self-conscious about my weight. It was the first time I ever got over 220 pounds and it made me feel horrible. I didn’t know what to do and I just had no motivation to start working out again. To make myself feel a little better, I decided to book Clarissa, my favourite escort. I had booked her plenty of times before and she’s one amazing young lady. Hot, smart and amazing in bed, she always made me feel better when I met her.

I took her out on a dinner date and she was punctual and beautiful as ever. We talked about what we had done since last we met and I told her about my weight issues. She immediately started giving me a speech about how I need to take better care of myself, if not for me, than for the ones who care about me. Because that extra weight didn’t affect only the way I looked, but also my health. This is what I love about Clarissa, she always knew how to give a pep talk. Later on, we went back to my hotel room and made sweet, sweet love. As usual, she didn’t let me get in her amazing bum, because apparently I was a little too big. But she did tell me that she’d give it a try if I could lose the extra weight in a month and a half. And I forgot to tell you, this girl has a bum that’s chiselled to perfection and I always wanted to put it in. It was one of my biggest desires and I hated the fact that I couldn’t.

Armed with this extra motivation, I went on a diet and started working out. About a month later, I call Clarissa to book her again and she really came good on her promise. It was totally worth it! This is why I think Clarissa is one of the best elite escorts London has EVER seen.

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